The Petition


Thanks for your interest in signing the petition

‘Oppose M32 Park & Ride and BRT road Junction.’

The link is…

and the deadline is 15th January 2013.

You’ll need to register in the site to add your signature. This is simple and painless process.


It states:

“We, the undersigned, call upon Bristol City Council to change the route of the North Bristol Zone 4 Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) Scheme, removing the proposed new motorway junction from the route and permanently withdrawing plans for an M32 Park and Ride at Stapleton. 

A new motorway junction is unnecessary for the BRT, fails to meet key elements of the JLTP vision and objectives, contravenes national planning guidelines, would destroy irreplaceable high quality agricultural land and cause permanent damage to the character, heritage, biodiversity and air quality of the neighbourhood and city.” 

If you can add your name to this we’ll be one signature closer to being able to request a debate on the issue in the Council. We need 3500 signatories for this to happen. Please pass the link on to anyone you know who would be happy to sign it – who is interested in sustainable, low carbon solutions, both for our food security and for our public transport.

The petition deadline is 15th January 2013

Many thanks!


2 thoughts on “The Petition

  1. Katrina Billings says:

    The petition wording sounds good to me – let me know when it is firmed up so I can sign.

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