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‘Best and most versatile’ land – the best in the country for food growing – will be lost forever if this scheme design goes ahead, significantly compromising Bristol’s food security and carbon reduction aspirations.

Hello and WELCOME!

Rethink M32 Park & Ride is the website of the campaign against a PROPOSED new Park & Ride, and Bus Rapid Transit road and bridge on a number of allotments and smallholdings in Stapleton (beside M32, Bristol). It is a campaign of huge local significance and also critical to Bristol’s sustainable future. There are key transport, land-use and food security issues being played out on this unassuming rectangle of Green Belt land.

This Campaign is calling for:

  • An immediate, transparent and inclusive Rethink of the proposal as it currently stands assessed holistically against a background of Bristol’s low-carbon, high-community vision of the future.
  • The immediate removal of the Park & Ride and Bus Rapid Transit M32 overbridge and road junction from the transport plans of the West of England Partnership / Joint Local Transport Plan.
  • A commitment from Bristol and South Gloucestershire Councils to protect and invest in Bristol’s ‘Best and Most Versatile’ (BMV = grades 1,2 and 3) food growing land along the M32 to ensure Bristol’s future food security, prosperity and health is not squandered.
  • A joined-up, low-carbon, affordable public transport system which can serve Bristol communities into the future. Building new car-based infrastructure must be consigned to the past. Forever.

It is really important that people come together across the city to protect this land from the proposed development and actively seek low-carbon, low-cost, healthy transport for communities that don’t compromise Bristol’s long-term health, sustainability and wellbeing.

The West of England Partnership has chased and secured Bus Rapid Transit money and won’t let go even though the proposed schemes are deeply flawed and need comprehensively and transparently reviewing.

In the summer of 2012 Bristol City Council held a public consultation on the Bus Rapid Transit scheme for the north fringe which includes a new motorway junction and overbridge for the M32 around Stoke Lane. The purpose of this junction is to serve a new Park & Ride (which was not part of the consultation as there isn’t any money to build it at present). The Council’s preferred site for the Park & Ride is the Stapleton smallholdings. The soil here is of extremely high quality, know as ‘Best and Most Versatile’ and is at the southernmost tip of a tract of extremely rare Grade 1 agricultural land known as The Blue Finger. On the proposed site there are many thriving species of wildlife and established woodland which would be lost should the plan go ahead.

Since 2008 there has been considerable opposition to the idea and practicality of a Park and  Ride on this site. See ‘Why no Park & Ride here?’ for all the reasons for the opposition. Please read through and make up your own mind.

In July Tim Kent, exec. member for transport at BCC said on local radio that the council were open to discussion on where a site for a Park & Ride should be.

Everyone who has, and continues to, contribute to this campaign is asking for a transparent and inclusive process to take place in which Bristol and South Gloucestershire Councils, with the support and input of the campaign, rethink the M32 Park & Ride idea to ensure we secure low-carbon public transport solutions we can all be proud of, without causing irreversible harm and loss to Bristol’s capacity to grow local food and our abundant and long-standing habitat ecosystems.


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