Letter to Mayor Ferguson from Jane Ghosh, secretary of Stapleton Allotments

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May 21, 2013 by rethinkm32

Please read below. Jane has said she’s happy for anyone to use what she’s written to help them write their own letters.
Dear Mr. Ferguson,I am writing on behalf of Stapleton Allotments Association, following our AGM. As you will know, from talking to me in February, and from various e mails, we are very concerned about plans for a bus-only junction as part of the BRT3 route, and also about the allocation of land in the Bristol Local Plan for an M32 Park and Ride (unfunded)  on the site. Even if alternative plots are offered, this will have a severe effect on all gardeners. I will not re-iterate all the arguments why the BRT3 route is deeply flawed, and will cause more problems than it solves, but will refer you to www.rethinkm32parkandride@wordpress.com. for full information. I am aware you are planning to visit the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood forum on 22 May. I hope someone from the Allotments may be there (I am unable to attend).As well as the issue of the wisdom of the BRT scheme, our members are concerned about the activities of Council Officers. Not only did they not treat people’s concerns with due seriousness at the ‘consultations’ held over the bus-only junction, but organisations such as ourselves were not invited to submit our views to the Inspectorate examining the site allocations for Greater Fishponds. In fact, we only found out by accident, and others’ vigilance. It is clear that the council regard the park and Ride and associated works as a fait accompli, and are not interested in the views of those affected.

We have also noticed a progressive tendency on the part of the council to allow the allotments and sites nearby to deteriorate. Tenants who do not keep their plots in order should be visited and warned. To our knowledge, this is not being done. The land just within the gates is an eyesore, and no action has been taken to get plots re-tenanted. It is apparent that the council are intent on running down the whole site so that they can claim it is not properly used and could be therefore redeveloped by concreting it over for a car park. We wish to place on record that we value the site and the good quality land nearby, and do not accept the way in which the council views the maintenance of the site as apparently unimportant, and their insistence on going ahead with the BRT3 scheme in the face of concerted and articulate opposition.

Jane Ghosh, Secretary,
33 Filton Grove, Bristol BS7 0AN


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